Salary Survey

Each year we carry out a salary survey.

How does your pay compare?

If you log in when you enter your information you can access a personalised report comparing your pay with others in the whole survey, in the same region and with similar responsibilities. This report updates as the salary survey progresses. Also when the survey is complete you will be able to access the full survey report from your login

"Nurses Only" members can access salary surveys from previous years even if they did not contribute. This provides information on hours worked, bonus and job satisfaction as well as pay against region, nursing role and management role from the whole survey.

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Are you an employer?

If you are an employer you may be interested in our pay calculator which uses the most recent salary survey data to calculate what you should be paying your nurses and for new vacancies. For more details click here

If you are not an employer please let them know about our pay calculator.

The most recent survey published on 02 February 2020

The next survey starts on 01 October 2019