Enhanced Salary Survey Report and Pay Calculator

Each year we carry out a salary survey

Our most recent salary survey has had 195 entries. We believe this is the largest independent pay survey for nurses in General Practice. The enhanced report contains a comprehensive graphical analysis of the variation of salary by practice size, location and nurse responsibility.

Calculate the pay for your staff

Based on the survey data we have created an on-line pay calculator so that you can review the salary of any of your nursing team by answering a few questions about your practice location together with the individual skills/responsibilities for each nurse. The pay estimator produces the average pay based on the salary survey data.

Get the Pay Calculator and Enhanced Report now

The pay calculator and enhanced salary survey report is available for £30. You can use the pay calculator as many times as you like for a year e.g. for each nurse or whenever significant training has been completed or new responsibilities taken on, or for vacancies to set the pay for recruitment purposes

To purchase the enhanced salary survey report and pay calculator  click here

The most recent survey published on 02 February 2020

The next survey starts on 01 October 2019